No parent wants to ever consider the possibility of their baby suffering a birth defect resulting from medical negligence. Unfortunately, doctors and nurses in Portland, and across America, sometimes fail to act in a responsible manner. Birth defects are overwhelming, confusing and costly. A Portland Birth Defect Lawyer at Savage Law Firm has the compassion and integrity to guide you through this difficult process.

Following are two of the most common questions regarding birth defects and birth injuries:

  • Is there a difference between a birth defect and a birth injury?

The answer is yes. A birth defect is a defect in the structure, function or body metabolism present at birth. A birth injury is usually the result of a trauma occurring at some point during the pregnancy or birthing process. A few birth defects may result from some birth injuries. It is alleged that a more common cause of birth defects is from a pregnant mom who takes Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). SSRIs are antidepressant medications used to treat anxiety and depression disorders. Doctors should advise women who intend to become pregnant of the potential dangers these drugs present. If you have not been properly informed of these concerns, and your child is born with a birth defect, you need to consult with a birth defect lawyer who specializes in medical negligence.

  • What are the Oregon and Washington Statutes of Limitations for birth injuries?

In most states, a minor who suffers an injury has different statutes of limitations than adults. Oregon and Washington have some similarities, but are also different in many ways. Savage Law Firm serves clients in both states and knows the intricacies of the statutes. Consult with our Medical Negligence team to ensure you file your claim well within the necessary time frame.

Bill Savage knows that parents who are facing a birth defect or birth injury are in a state of devastation. He has your family’s well-being at the forefront of his plans. He will work with you to develop the right case for you and your child’s future. Contact Savage Law Firm today for a free consultation.