Bicycle Accident Lawsuit Seeks $273K from Fat Tire Farm

January 3, 2015

A bicycle accident lawsuit filed in the Multnomah County Circuit Court is currently seeking $273,000 for an injured woman who was hurt on a Hood River mountain bike racing course last year. The organizers of the race were Fat Tire Farm and Hurricane Racing, both of whom have been named defendants in the bicycle accident lawsuit.

Details of the Bicycle Accident Lawsuit: How the Plaintiff Got Hurt

A bicycle accident lawsuit is seeking $273,000 from Fat Tire Farm on behalf of a woman who suffered severe fractures due crashing into a fallen tree on a racing course.

A bicycle accident lawsuit is seeking $273,000 from Fat Tire Farm on behalf of a woman who suffered severe fractures due crashing into a fallen tree on a racing course.

According to court documents associated with this bicycle accident lawsuit, the plaintiff participated in the Dog River Super D mountain bike race in May 2014. Although a storm that took place a few days before the race had reportedly blown down a bunch of trees along the course, the race’s organizers allegedly:

  • Cleared all of the blown down trees from off of the course
  • Noted on the race’s website that the trail had been cleared.

However, as the complaint explains, all but one very large tree had been cleared from the course, as the cleanup crews were not able to move this tree. Instead, they piled dirt on top of it to add a new jump – at the bottom of a hill – to the course.

Because this “jump” was at the bottom of a hill and was not necessarily identifiable by riders (or on the “fast” course that wasn’t necessarily purposed for jumping), the plaintiff ended up getting into a serious bicycle accident that caused her to:

While the plaintiff is currently able to walk, she experiences constant, persistent pain, according to the court documents. As part of this bicycle accident lawsuit, the plaintiff in now requesting just over $23,300 for her past and future medical bills related to these serious bicycle accident injuries, as well as about $250,000 for her pain and suffering.

The owner of Fat Tire Farm and a representative from Hurricane Racing have declined to comment on this pending bicycle accident lawsuit.

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