A Checklist of What to Bring to an Initial Consult with a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

October 18, 2015

When medical negligence harms you or someone you love, meeting with an attorney can be the first step in the road to recovery and justice. During this meeting, which is free and doesn’t obligate you to anything, you can get important answers about your rights and options.

To ensure you get the most helpful information from a lawyer during an initial consult, try to take some time ahead of your consult to prepare as much of the following as possible to bring along.

Items to Show a Medical Malpractice Lawyer during a Consult

  • When preparing to meet with a malpractice lawyer, here are the items to get together, a Portland medical malpractice lawyer explains.

    When preparing to meet with a malpractice lawyer, here are the items to get together, a Portland medical malpractice lawyer explains.

    An overview of your medical history – This does not have to be anything extensive, but it should generally explain what your health was prior to the event that caused you harm and what it has been since that event. Detailing specific limitations that have been caused can be important here. What will also be important is noting any prescription drugs you may be taking, as well as what types of care you may be receiving or undergoing.

  • Medical records – If you have them, bring these with you. Your medical records can provide insight regarding the nature of the medical negligence, as this is where medical professionals should be keeping detailed notes about your condition, the care they have administered and your progression. If you do not have access to these records, simply prepare the names and contact information for your doctor(s).
  • Medical bills – Bring bills both from the care associated with the negligence, as well as any subsequent care that was received to treat the ensuing injuries.
  • Insurance information and correspondence – If you have access to your health insurance policy, bring it with you. Also, if your or a medical professional’s (or a medical facility’s) insurance provider has been in contact you and has sent you anything (letters, emails, etc.), try to bring copies of these items with you as well.
  • Other potential evidence – Depending on the incident that injured you, there may be additional important items to consider bringing, such as the results of diagnostic tests, emails from/recordings of negligent medical professionals, etc.

While preparing these items can help an attorney more effectively evaluate your case, thereby providing you with better answers regarding your options for financial recovery, please know that you do not have to prepare anything before meeting with a lawyer at the Savage Law Firm. We can help you compile everything you need to build a strong medical malpractice case, and our attorneys are ready to start helping you today.

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