6 Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse Every Parent Should Know (Part 1)

April 7, 2014

Tragically, child sexual abuse is a reality that parents need to beware of when they leave their children at schools or daycares, send their kids off to camp or even drop their children off at sports practice. In some cases, this abuse can even take place at a family member’s house or in religious centers where parents usually trust their children will be safe.

All parents should be aware of these common warning signs of sexual abuse so they know when to step in and report potential abuse to the authorities.

All parents should be aware of these common warning signs of sexual abuse so they know when to step in and report potential abuse to the authorities.

Here and in a few upcoming parts of this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the most common warning signs of child sex abuse that all parents should know. Being aware of these signs can help parents:

  • Recognize when their child may be being victimized at the hands of another child or adult.
  • Step in early, get their child help and report the abuse to the proper authorities.

Warning Sign 1: Emotional Withdrawal

One common warning sign of child sexual abuse is extreme emotional withdrawal from friends and family. When this sign is present, children will stop showing excitement or engagement with activities and people who used to bring the joy. While they may appear to be generally depressed, these children can also come off as seeming to be more insecure, disconnected and otherwise disinterested.

Laughing less, keeping to oneself and generally shutting down conversations with one-word answers can be some of the more common ways in which emotional withdrawal can be displayed by children who have been victimized by sexual abuse.

Warning Sign 2: Severe Mood Swings

In addition to emotional withdrawal, a child who has been sexually abused may exhibit extreme mood swings, with moods oscillating between violent anger and irritation to depression or severe anxiety. When these mood swings occur, there will typically be minor or even no specific triggers, and there may be nothing that parents can immediately do to try to comfort their children.

Be sure to look for the forthcoming second and third parts of this blog for an ongoing discussion regarding the most common warning signs of sexual abuse in children.

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Although we understand that no amount of money can ever make up for childhood sexual abuse, we also know that helping abuse survivors obtain compensation from their abusers can be crucial to getting access to the counseling and other long-term treatments they may need to deal with the psychological damage caused by the abuse. One of our central goals is to help sexual abuse survivors get the justice they need so they can reclaim their lives and futures.

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