6 Tips for Hiring the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case (Pt. 1)

July 9, 2014

When you’ve been hurt by the negligence of another person or party, pursuing a personal injury case may be your best recourse for holding the negligent party responsible and for obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled.

Your choice in a personal injury lawyer can make all of the difference in the outcome of your case. Here are some tips for choosing the best attorney for you.

Your choice in a personal injury lawyer can make all of the difference in the outcome of your case. Here are some tips for choosing the best attorney for you.

The first step in this journey will likely be to hire a personal injury lawyer to get your case started and represent you moving forward. While this may seem like a relatively straightforward starting point, however, it is undoubtedly one of the most important steps, as your choice in an attorney can greatly impact the outcome of your case, as well as how much compensation you are ultimately able to obtain.

In this three-part blog, we’ll discuss some tips to keep in mind as you are deciding which of the many lawyers you may be considering to hire. If you are ready to move forward with experienced personal injury attorneys who will be dedicated to your case, don’t hesitate to contact the Savage Law Firm.

Tip 1 – Review the attorney’s experience.

As you start to narrow down your possible choices for personal injury lawyers, the first thing to do will be to check out attorneys’ stated experience and limit your options to lawyers who are experienced handling cases like yours. The fact is that personal injury law is a vast field, so not every personal injury lawyer will handle every type of case.

For instance, while some attorneys’ personal injury practices will be focused on motor vehicle accident cases or product liability claims, others may be dedicated to nursing home abuse cases or wrongful death claims. Make sure you narrow down your options to lawyers who specifically handle cases like yours.

Tip 2 – Check the lawyer’s record with the state bar association.

Once you have narrowed down your options to handful of possible lawyers, check each attorney’s record with the state bar association. This step will be important to finding out if any of the lawyers who you are considering:

  • Have had any official complaints filed against them
  • Have had censures from the bar association
  • May have questionable reputations or practices.

This step will also help you verify if a lawyer is in good standing and is licensed to handle the cases that he or she says he can.

Don’t miss the upcoming second and third parts of this blog for some additional tips that can be helpful when you are ready to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you.

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