6 Facts to Know about Surgery Errors & Malpractice Claims (Pt. 3)

July 26, 2014

In conclusion to our three-part blog 6 Facts to Know about Surgery Errors & Malpractice Claims, below we will discuss some final facts about surgery errors and malpractice.

Final Facts about Surgery Mistakes in the U.S.

Fact 5 – More than 60 percent of surgeons responsible for surgery errors had been known to have made a mistake in at least one prior surgery.

The Portland malpractice lawyers at the Savage Law Firm are skilled at helping people injured by surgery errors obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

The Portland malpractice lawyers at the Savage Law Firm are skilled at helping people injured by surgery errors obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

What may be more shocking than the fact that surgery errors occur so often is the finding that more than 60 percent of surgeons have a history of making these serious medical mistakes. This can specifically highlight a pattern of negligence for some medical professionals, and it definitively underscores the need to do your research before trusting a specific medical professional to conduct a surgery that you may need.

When surgeons with a history of making surgery errors end up making another mistake, the case against them can be very strong, as their pattern of negligence when operating on patients has been established.

Fact 6 – In some cases, hospitals may be held liable for surgery errors.

After surgery mistakes injure patients, the specific medical professionals (i.e., the nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, etc.) responsible for causing or contributing to the mistakes will usually be the primary defendants in malpractice cases. However, it’s important that injured people are aware that, in some cases, the hospitals that employ these negligent medical professionals may also be held liable for compensating injured people.

For instance, if the negligent medical professional was an employee of the hospital (instead of an independent contractor), the hospital may also be on the hook for compensating people injured as a result of surgery mistakes. Although such cases can result in far more compensation being awarded to injured people, these cases may be far more complicated to litigate, as hospitals and their insurers tend to put up strong fights to any malpractice lawsuits based on surgery errors.

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