6 Facts to Know about Pedestrian Accidents (Pt. 2)

May 19, 2014

Continuing from 6 Facts to Know about Pedestrian Accidents (Pt. 1), below are a few more interesting facts about these accidents.

Fact 3: Alcohol impairment is often involved in pedestrian accidents.

Alcohol impairment is involved in nearly half of all pedestrian accidents. Check out some more fascinating facts about pedestrian accidents.

Alcohol impairment is involved in nearly half of all pedestrian accidents. Check out some more fascinating facts about pedestrian accidents.

Approximately 47 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents involved alcohol impairment, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports. While about 1 in every 3 of these cases involved pedestrians reportedly having blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) greater than 0.08 (the legal limit for driving), most of these cases involved the drivers being intoxicated.

Intoxication is such a significant problem when it comes to pedestrian accidents (as well as various other types of motor vehicle accidents) because it substantially increases the chances that the intoxicated individual will:

  • Fail to be sufficiently perceptive when it comes to his surroundings, road conditions and appropriate responses
  • Be distracted
  • Have impaired reaction times when it comes to doing things like stepping on the brakes.

Fact 4: Aside from intoxication, other forms of driver negligence are also often involved in causing pedestrian accidents.

Tragically, most pedestrian accidents are caused by some type of driver negligence. This effectively means that, in most cases, the injuries or deaths of pedestrians could have been prevented if not for a driver’s negligent behaviors.

Some of the specific forms of driver negligence that commonly play a role in causing pedestrian accidents include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • The use of cellphones, GPS and/or hands-free devices when driving
  • Eating while driving and other forms of driver distraction
  • Reckless driving, such as the intentional choice to violate traffic laws
  • Driver fatigue, which tends to be more common among truck drivers who are the roads for long driving shifts.

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