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Sustaining an injury – or having a loved one get hurt – can turn people’s lives upside down. While focusing on healing and getting the appropriate medical care during these times is crucial, it may also be essential to:

  • Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney – This free meeting can help injured people find out if their accident/injuries were caused by negligence and, if so, what their options for compensation may be.
  • Take action to pursue financial recovery – This can be essential to covering the costs of medical care and helping people move on with their lives.

Below, we have pointed out just a handful of instances when it’s a smart move to meet with a lawyer. Given that these meetings are free and that they don’t obligate injured people to do anything, prospective plaintiffs have a lot to gain (and nothing to lose) by participating in them. It could be the first step in their journey towards justice and financial recovery.

Set Up an Initial Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer…

  1. After a motor vehicle accident – There can be various types of negligence that cause traffic wrecks, such as driver negligence, the negligence of trucking companies or vehicle manufacturers and even the negligence of municipalities (or others) who are liable for road maintenance. A lawyer can determine what combination of negligence may have contributed to an accident.
  2. During an insurance claim dispute – Insurers are not looking out for claimants; instead, these companies tend to try to get claimants to compromise their rights and accept reduced settlements (or even claim denials). Don’t let them get away with that at your expense.
  3. After receiving suspect medical care – Medical mistakes happen more often than you may realize, and they can cause serious injuries. A skilled lawyer can figure out when medical negligence has harmed you and, if so, who (or what parties) are liable for compensating you.
  4. After the accidental death of a loved one – Wrongful deaths can be profoundly tragic, especially when preventable negligence has caused them. A lawyer can assess whether any form of negligence may have played a role in an accidental death and, if so, take action to hold the negligent parties accountable.
  5. After being exposed to any type of harmful negligence – Unfortunately, negligence is not limited to the roadways or medical facilities/care. It can arise nearly anywhere at any time and cause serious harm when it rears its ugly head. So, the bottom line is that, if you think negligence may have harmed you (or a loved one), make the move to get informed about your rights and options by meeting with a lawyer.

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