3 Ways Insurers Can Try to Get Out of Paying Your Car Accident Claim

August 3, 2015

Although you have auto insurance coverage, your claims against it may not be honored by your insurance provider in the event you are in a traffic collisioneven if the accident was not your fault and your claim is legitimate. This can be a big shock to motorists, especially when they are injured and relying on an insurer to come through for them.

Knowing the facts, however, and just how insurers can try to undercut or deny auto collision claims is important to:

  • Understanding your rights
  • Knowing when they have been violated
  • Knowing when to contact an attorney for help getting the compensation to which you may be entitled.

Beware of these Insurer Tactics for Trying to Dodge Payment for Auto Claims

1 – Using questionable, if not odd, investigation methods

Understanding how insurers can try to avoid paying valid auto accident claims is key to knowing when to fight back, a Portland car accident lawyer explains.

Understanding how insurers can try to avoid paying valid auto accident claims is key to knowing when to fight back, a Portland car accident lawyer explains.

Although insurers are required to promptly and fairly investigate auto collision claims, they do not always do so, sometimes putting off the investigation or even relying on questionable evidence, methods or ‘experts’ in these investigations.

Generally, the goal of using such unethical methods to investigate claims can be to:

  • Have the outcomes of these investigations to come back in their favor (and against the claimant), providing them weak or ridiculous “grounds” to deny claims
  • Turn up the financial stresses of claimants who depend on these payouts – The idea is that, once claimants are desperate enough for payouts, they will accept insurers’ low settlement offers.

2 – Blaming claimants for the collision

This tactic, which can be related to questionable investigation methods, may also arise when claimants may have said anything that could be interpreted as an admission of blame for the collision.

For example, insurers will usually talk to police, other drivers and even accident witnesses during their investigations.

If even one of these people tells an insurer that the accident victim admitted blame – or possibly even apologized for the accident, such statements can be used against claimants later to try to avoid paying them what they deserve for their claim.

3 – Alleging that a policy has lapsed or doesn’t cover the type of claim

This tactic commonly involves the illegal and unethical practice of post-claim underwriting, in which insurers try to change the terms of a policy after a claim has been filed against that policy.

For claimants who know that they have made all of their premium payments on time and that their original policies did cover the type of accident they were in, fighting back – and NOT accepting an insurance denial or an undercut settlement offer – will be essential to holding insurers accountable and getting the payouts they deserve.

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