Home is usually where people feel safe and protected. Unfortunately, however, some of the products people use every day at home may be posing a significant risk to their – and their loved ones’ – safety.

In fact, recently, researchers at Health Grove ranked the leading products and items that are most dangerous for consumers, based on the number of injuries and deaths they cause each year in the U.S. And the results may shock you because you and your family likely use many – if not most – of these products day in and day out.

Products that Are More Dangerous than You May Have Realized…

  1. warning tire treads

    Stairs, with the biggest danger being falling down stairs and sustaining serious head/brain injuries and/or bone fractures – While a child in the U.S. sustains a stair-related injury every 6 or so minutes, more than 1.18 million people in the U.S. are injured in stairs annually.

  2. Flooring materials, with the greatest danger being tripping and falling down – In particular loose, worn down and/or broken flooring materials (including carpets, tiling, etc.) injures more than 939,000 people in the U.S. each year. What may be more concerning is the fact that these accidents and injuries have been on the rise over the past decade or so.
  3. Bicycles and other cycles, with accidents, head injuries and serious bone fractures creating the biggest threats – Data indicates that more than 610,000 people are injured on unicycles, bicycles and tricycles every year in the U.S.
  4. Furniture (other than beds & chairs), with collapses onto people being one of the primary dangers associated with these products – Items like chests, tables, bookshelves and dressers injure more than 578,000 people every year in the nation.
  5. Knives, with accidental stabbings and cuts (not including intentional attacks) being the greatest risk these products present – More than 427,000 people in the nation are hurt each year due to knife-related accidents.

Other dangerous products that rounded out the top 10, according to Health Grove, included:

  1. Chairs and couches
  2. Beds
  3. Walls and ceilings
  4. Doors (not including garage doors)
  5. Non-power tools.

Have you ever been hurt by any of these common products? Or are you surprised to learn that such common household products are often the sources of injuries? Post your comments and opinions on our Facebook & Google+ pages.

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